Bring us your clippings!

There’s never a charge to bring lawn clippings, leaves and other yard waste to the farm. One man’s trash in another goat’s treat! Goats love Poison Ivy, Bittersweet, Multiflora Rose, Staghorn Suman, Grapevine, Jewel Weed, Squash vines and other vegetable garden varieties. 

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Goat rental for grazing

The season has started as buds begin to form and weeds begin to grow. After spending the winter cooped up in the farm, the goats are ready to get out and munch!

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Q&A about Grazing

How long do the goats stay?

That’s up to you! As long as it takes to get the job done. The goats need to be in a secure area to stay overnight.


What will my yard look like after the goats are finished? 

The area they are in will be defoliated and some trees may be debarked with some brush, stems and sticks left. Grass will be trimmed down and even some roots consumed.


What does it cost?

The minimum cost of any job is $250 with the travel expenses. Please contact us to get a rough estimate with your given address and to ensure you’re within range of service.


Is it OK if my dog is around? 

We love dogs, but they often can startle the goats and will make it harder for the goats to do their job. We would appreciate it if they could be safely separate during their graze.

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